Profiles Of Light

To honor Black History Month, we are selecting and featuring various artists who exude Black Excellence and whom are leaving change within their respective fields. As we continue to create and celebrate our rich history, our intention is to shed light on the bright future ahead of the Black Community. Stay tuned for our featured Profiles of Light to kick off our series. 



Inspired by his Harlem roots, professional dancer King Of Spank (K.O.S.) has contributed to a growing global culture by pioneering The Litefeet Movement. To K.O.S., life is about intent and he wants to create more opportunities to inspire people to find theirs.


With big positive energy, K.O.S. continues to make a huge impact in his global dance community, fashion world, and Harlem, U.S.A. He inspires his community by living as his truest authentic self and sharing his experience to show the youth that they can do it too. To further support his lite movement and his pursuit of creating more opportunities for the dance culture; follow @kingofspank for more.



Mia and Mya Pauldo are more than just twin basketball players, they are leaders of the younger generation. With goals to revolutionize their community, the twins want to both empower and see more women in basketball. Mia and Mya envision a world where female players are afforded higher salaries, better quality equipment, global brand awareness, better referees, and ownership opportunities as professional athletes. The twins believe that through creative expression and their own dedication to the sport, they can inspire a new future for women’s basketball.



The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow. To ensure a better future, we must listen to those who will continue to shape it. You can support the Pauldo twins by keeping up with them on their social channels @twinbackcourt23.



Self-proclaimed “Artivist” (artist/activist) and social change catalyst, Joseph Sirmoore focuses his energy on building more sustainable art programs and creating more opportunities within his hometown, Paterson, N.J. Joe has been instrumental in leading the development of local community fridges that are stocked weekly with fresh food and produce for families in need. Inspired by his grandmother, he continues to spearhead social justice efforts by documenting the BLM Movement, raising awareness about the importance of sustainability, and advocating for more education and art-related opportunities in the inner city of Paterson.